BlueWater Chamber Orchestra Board of Trustees

President’s Letter

Chamber Music is defined as classical music created especially for smaller ensembles in a more intimate setting.

Like art, or a great meal, the BlueWater Chamber Orchestra experience can transport you to a far off place or remind you of a wonderful time in your life. It will relax, excite and inspire you simply by virtue of the atmosphere, talented musicians and luminous compositions. The music itself can create an opportunity to leave the cares of daily life behind if even for a short while.

It is my belief that sharing something beautiful with others is an expression of friendship, love and personal growth. Not only does this stunning group perform for pleasure of the audience, they are dedicated to sharing their time and talents through wonderful and innovative educational programs, and community outreach.

As the present Board Chair, it is my job to help develop a board of trustees that will support and help sustain the mission of BlueWater Chamber Orchestra. The goal is to entertain, educate and bring all people closer to the music.

Cleveland has much to offer and BlueWater Chamber Orchestra is one of the gems of our city. Our hope is that you will choose to spend time with us and appreciate that you can have a really beautiful evening with some of the most talented and passionate musicians in town.

When you come to a concert, please take the time to speak with me or any other members of BlueWater and let us know what you think. We do this for you and for that we are deeply grateful.

Heather Holdsworth (Email)
President, BlueWater Chamber Orchestra

Neil Mueller, Associate Artistic Director

Nancy Patterson, Orchestra Manager


Heather Holdsworth, President
Marian Patterson, Secretary
Howard Kass, Treasurer
Ken Johnston
Linda Sandhaus
Leo Zimmerman


Libby Chu
Dianna Gould
Dr. Lara Martin Lengel
Ed Rosenberg

Neil Mueller, Associate Artistic Director*
Nancy Patterson, Orchestra Manager*